Winter Instrumental Concert

On Friday, the Winter Concert was held in the auditorium.  The theme for ⅞ orchestra was “A Royal Winter” and our repertoire was mainly composed of pieces that were played for the royalty. It was the first big concert of the year for orchestra and band, and a lot of work was put into it so I was extremely excited for the performance. The first piece was “Le Divin Enfant”, meaning “The Divine Child” in French. The piece started off with dark, mysterious sounds representing the darkness and chaos before the birth of Jesus Christ. This is followed by a gentle, lovely melody that is a variation of the traditional french carol “He is Born, the Divine Child”. I think this was the most emotionally satisfying piece as the bells were the definite highlight of the piece and I loved the light, high-pitched sounds that sounded a bit christmassy and was a great addition to the piece. The next pieces was the first movement of the “Toy Symphony”. This piece portrayed a Christmas morning, where children were opening up their presents and playing with their toys. This was a very fun piece as unlike other pieces, several boys played toy instruments and Tomo played the trumpet as a special guest. Every time Yodai played the ratchet, I was impressed by his confidence and always could not resist laughing. I personally think this piece was played best as an ensemble as it was a very fun piece and everyone payed attention, making everyone united and very enthusiastic. It is a great pity and disappointment that the CA TV crew forgot to film the Toy Symphony, Minuet and Winter as I was looking forward to watch us play the pieces. Although I do not get a chance to reflect on my playing during Winter as the CA TV crew did not take a video of it, I think it was a success and we played beautifully. I had been working on vibrato for about 2 weeks and although I have not completely mastered vibrato yet, I think I did fairly well during winter and my patience and practice paid off. When I looked at the video for Terra Nova, I realized that when conducting, my arms looked rigid so I think I could have put a bit more flow into my arm movement and it would be great if more members of the orchestra looked at me for cues. However, it was a great wrap up to to the G ⅞ orchestra repertoire and it was a success. 12359836_1145420075469856_553966451807541781_n12301738_1145420338803163_5467383839266535942_n12357122_1145420395469824_2553566689689905998_o




Industrial Revolution; Factories & Labor

My research question was ‘How did the development of the factory system and changes in labor affect individuals and the community’. I researched about the industrial revolution and focused on factories & labor. I investigated on three concepts; conditions and the dangers in factories, water-powered machines such as the Water Frame by Richard Arkwright, and the steam engine by Thomas Newcomen. I learnt how the changes of the labor system over time affected individuals and the society. The factory system brought many advantages such as increased production but there were dark sides to the industrial revolution. Child labor was a huge issue and many children under 13 were forced to work for very long hours in horrendous environments. My essay also talks about the changes affecting individuals and the society as many inventions were made.

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The Engine of the Industrial RevolutionCreative Commons License Gene Selkov via Compfight

Electric Experiment

We are currently reading “The Boy Who Harnessed The Wind”, and we explored how to generate electricity by taking the insulating material off with sandpaper in order to a higher voltage of electricity. Taking the insulating material off the wire was a little tedious and painful as the rapid rubbing of the surface of the sandpaper against the insulating material created heat, which did not feel very pleasant. My partner and I created electricity by winding the wire (copper) and spinning a magnet inside. I am not quite sure how this created electricity but I was fascinated and it was a very interesting experiment. My partner and I were able to create voltage. 4a6f4657-bd3b-402c-8202-7ed4d920e34e4fd98d3e-39bc-4823-a991-d1e92773a0f1