Golf Swing Analysis & Target Unit Reflection

I noticed the following when I analyzed my golf swing:

  • My starting position was good; I had a steady stance with my feet apart and aligned horizontally which allowed me to have good balance. The position of the ball/ tee was not in the middle and closer to my left foot.
  • I think I could’ve bent my knees (especially my right) as makes it easy to shift my weight forward without losing balance during my swing.
  • My left arm was very straight, helping me hit the ball farther and more solid.
  • Although I had a good stance at first, my followthrough needs improvement. When I swung the club, the position of my feet moved a lot, causing my balance to be insecure.

a) List 3 similarities between the different target games (Frisbee & golf) we covered in this unit. Describe the similarities.

A similarity between the two games is that you have to have a good stance/ position when throwing the frisbee or swinging the club. Another similarity is that in both Frisbee & golf, you aim a target and the follow through/ actions that lead to the swing/ throw is important. For example in Frisbee, you have to turn your body and flick the wrist correctly in order to throw accurately/ well. In golf, you have to have the correct stance, have your feet aligned horrizontally, keep eyes on the ball, bend knees and keep your arm straight before the swing. Another similarity is that both sports mainly use hands and arm unlike soccer although the legs are important for having a good stance.

b) Skill acquisition requires perseverance and knowledge of the different components of target games. What successes did you have in this unit?

In Frisbee, I learned to have a firm grip pretty fast and I think my throws were parallel to the ground, which made it travel faster and more accurate. In golf, I think I did well in having a steady, balanced stance, having my arm straight and hitting the ball accurately and powerfully.

c) What were some things you found challenging in this Target unit? What did you do to correct your skill?

Although sometimes I was a little frustrated that I kept on hitting the mat instead of the ball, I kept persevering until I was able to consistently hit the balls accurately. I also had a habit of swinging too hard, causing my body to pivot which was apparently amusing for some people. As I practiced on stance, I became better at controlling my swing and not turning around too much.

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