Visual Evaluation- Coding Game

The purpose of the Coding Design Project was to create an educational game for a client which in my case, was a 4th grade student and through the process, learn how to plan and successfully make a game by coding through scratch. I decided to create a spelling game where the player has to listen to the audio of the word and type the word correctly. The words that the students will be tested on are commonly misspelled words. I chose to select this plan as the client wanted a game that would help the students learn fourth grade spelling words. I chose to put the audio as not only will the students learn to spell misspelled words accurately, they will also improve on listening skills. The visual will also guide them to the correct answer. I chose to put the incorrect word count as it will make the students competitive as they might compare their scores with other students and try to do their best to get a good score.


Screen Shot 2015-06-04 at 3.00.32 PM

My game met most of the design specifications; high quality pictures, interesting background, point count, several levels and appropriate level of difficulty. The images were not blurry and were of right size, providing a hint as to what the word is if the audio is not clear, thus meeting the “high quality pictures” specification. One of the comments in the feedback I received was that “the layout of the game could be made more colorful” in which I can improve by adding more coloful pictures or change the background to a more appealing, bright background instead of a background with the landscape of white slopes, blue sky and the sun which is quite simple. Therefore, I don’t think I met the specification “interesting background”. The third design specification which my game met was “Point Count”. My game had an “Incorrect Words” column that helped the player review the words they misspelled and know how many words they spelt incorrectly.

Screen Shot 2015-06-04 at 3.00.06 PM

I did not create several levels due to the shortage of time and also I did not feel the need to do so as there were 17 words which I think is an appropriate number of words for 4th graders. I was not able to get feedback from elementary students about the level of difficulty due to their schedule but a student in my class commented that “if the target is younger, elementary kids, some words might be too hard for them”. Next time, I would definitely like to get direct feedback from elementary students & teachers.

Overall, I think my game was very successful. I got positive feedback;

“It’s a really good game and it was fun playing it. Also I couldn’t find any bugs.”

“This was a very good game. No problems, really, it worked very well. ”

“This is a good game, and you can learn things from it well.”

“It’s a very good game based on listen and spell. The Incorrect words system worked very well. I found no problems playing the game”

“Hi! I think your game is very high quality, and is very educational. I loved the system that reviews the misspelled words, and it made me learn too!”

and with an educational component to the game, I think it was helpful and entertaining for students. By doing this task, it enabled us to use the knowledge we gained through researching and use it to be creative and make our very own game. Learning through games is very effective as it is enjoyable and engaging and encourages students to try their best and do well.

Click here to play the game!