Cultural Revolution- Summative Task

For the Obstacles/ Cultural Revolution Unit, we explored different types of texts about the cultural revolution in China. The revolution was a political movement that began in 1966 that was led by Mao Zedong, also known as Chairman Mao. Fearing foreign influence over the citizens of his country, he took away things related to foreign countries, such as heaters, fans and vases as they were imported from outside China and he severely criticized or sent intellectuals (doctors, teachers, lawyers) to labor camps as often, they learnt from teachers in other countries such as America. To reach his goals, Chairman Mao also gathered young people who followed Maoist doctrines and they became known as the Red Guards. The disrupted government operations and created chaos in the country. The Cultural Revolution caused tens of thousands of deaths and affected many people. The story of the revolution was told in different types of texts and I carefully observed and commented on the difference of language styles between the three excerpts.

Part 1: Commenting on Language

1. How is language used differently across different types of writing? Identify and explain the difference in language style, using examples from the 3 texts.

2. How does it change the message? Discuss the different messages you got from the different readings.

3. Briefly comment on which writing style is most appealing to you as a reader? Explain why.

Part 2: Content

Looking at the experiences of 2 different people Ling from Revolution and Lei from webpage excerpt, discuss the similarities and differences of their individual experiences. Focus on how they dealt with the “obstacle” that was the Cultural Revolution.

1. How did Ling  deal with the Revolution?

2. How did Lei deal with the Revolution?

3. How were Ling and Lei’s experiences similar and/or different?

4. Which perspective is most believable for you?  Why?

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