Dystopian Literature Summative

For the Dystopian Literature Summative in English, I answered the following questions for two books, “The Giver” and “The Testing”.

1. What is the setting (time, place, atmosphere)? Which part of setting has the greatest effect on the character? How does it affect the character?

2. What are the causes of the dystopian societies in the reading? What has made them dystopian?

3. What messages or main themes are in the readings?

4. What similarities or parallels are there between the fictional world of the readings and our real world? What connection is there?

5. How ‘realistic’ are the readings? How likely did the authors ‘predict’ the future?


Pink Shirt Day

On February 25th, students in middle school wore pink to promote the ‘Pink Shirt Campaign’ which originated in Canada. The campaign was started by two seniors from a school in Nova Scotia. David Sheperd and Travis Price bought and distributed 75 pink shirts after hearing that a male student was being bullied for wearing a pink polo shirt on the first day of school. Charles McNeill wore the pink shirt to support his mother, who was suffering from breast cancer but got bullied very harshly by classmates. To stop the bullying and show acceptance, David and Travis went online and e-mailed everyone they knew to encourage them to wear pink shirts the next day to support Charles, who was treated very unfairly by the bullies. David and Travis code-named it “The Sea of Pink” and on the next day to their surprise, over 400 students and teachers showed up wearing pink and from that day on, the bullies stopped what they were doing and their campaign was a huge success. Now, the campaign is recognized by over 25 countries worldwide and the pink shirt has become a symbol for the fight against bullying!

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Pink Shirt Day via bir.scdsb.on.ca

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