Nutrition Assignment

Grade 7 Nutrition Assessment

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1)Complete the input diary for 3 days (Below Credits)

2) Discuss what you found from your diary?

  1. I have a negative calculation as I do not take enough calories everyday.
  2. I think I will slightly decrease in weight if I continue to eat like this as I gain less than the recommended amount of calories per day which is about 1300 calories. On the third day, I only gained 649 calories.
  3. An example of a long term issue that might occur is loss of energy and it might affect my daily activities such as studying which can lead to lower grades. It might also lead to malnutrition if I do not take enough nutrients. An example of a short term issue is decrease of my weight.

3) The approximate recommended amount of water I should consume per day is 5 cups of water as the recommended amount for an average adult (women) is 9 cups a day.

4) If my water intake is below the recommended amount, I might become dehydrated and have health problems such as urinary cancer and heart attacks. I will also have a slower metabolism. Also, my bowel might not function properly and I might get constipation which is a condition in which I am not able to dispose my waste properly or my stomach might be painful.

5) Some of the positive things of my dad to day eating is that I have a healthy, balanced diet in which I take a lot of vitamin and healthy nutrients by drinking vegetable and fruit juice in the morning. Caesars Kitchen also provides healthy meals that include vegetables and balanced dishes. Also, I make sure I do not eat snacks right before I sleep as it can reduce the length and quality of my sleep and it will make me tired and less active the next day.

6) I would like to make sure that I have a slightly positive diet and have a good balance of my daily intake and calorie burn rate. I will do so by making sure that I eat a lot after exercising so I can fill the number of calories I burnt.


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