Way Way Back Machine

Today during class, we investigated percentage increase or decrease by comparing average prices of objects such as a candy bar, a movie ticket, a car, a loaf of bread, a pack of gum in 1977 and 2014/15. It was very interesting and I was surprised to find out that movie tickets were about 1.20 back in 1977 and it increased greatly and tickets are about8 currently in America.

In order to find out the percentage increase/ decrease, you have to divide the change by the original number and multiply it by 100. I would like to find out the average school fee in America back in the 1977 if I were to research more deeply.

1953 Illustrated Food Ad, Curtiss Butterfinger Candy Bar

Classic Film via Compfight


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  1. Yumi, it was a well explained, thorough post! You covered all requirements for the blog post, and I could clearly understand what the assignment was. Keep it up! (^o^)

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