Tech Team Semester 1

During the 1st semester of working as a tech leader, I participated in many events and activities including the new student tech orientation and the G4 Active Citizenship Fair. During the orientation, I was a little shy at first as it was the first time meeting them but as I became more used to them, I taught them how to access their school e-mail or help them deal with technical problems with their computer etc. and it felt good to help them as I was a new student as well a year ago. Also by talking to the fourth graders during the citizenship fair, I think their interest in service activities and the tech team grew and I hope we were able to inspire them to join the CA tech team when they are in middle school!  I also helped out at the tech booth in the auditorium during MS Block and adjusted the lights and sound. I have had very interesting and exciting experiences so far and I cannot wait to continue my work from Semester 2! I would also like to thank Ms. Lemley for constantly helping us and organizing fun events!

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  1. Yumi –
    Thank you for being a great leader to our group. This is hard for me to put in a quantitative number. Because you’ve done so many different things throughout the year.
    I also want you to consider in your reflective posts how being a Tech Leader has impacted you and how it has impacted others… What do you think the Grade 4 got out of listening to you and Taiga? What about the new students at the beginning of the year? You are a great leader at our school and do so much outside of the classroom!
    Keep up the good work

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    • Dear Ms. Lemley,

      Thank you so much for your kind comment! I have tried to answer the questions in my updated post! Thank you so much for helping me out during the first semester of being a tech leader!:D



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