Grade 6 Debut Concert Accompaniment

Today was the Grade 6 Debut Concert and I had the privilige of accompanying a clarinet player (Clara) and two flute players (Jina & Jinbo) on the piano part. It was a great experience for me as playing in an ensemble is sometimes challenging as we have to adjust the tempo and play in unison. At some parts of the piece, counting carefully was necessary as the beat was not very straightforward. To be able to play the piece to our best ability, we talked about where the flutes should take a rest etc. and we changed a few notes so it would sound interesting and better than having the flutes play the same notes. For the effort and practice time I put in, I think i deserve 5.5 points. Finally, I would like to thank Mr. Vest for giving me the chance to play with the three talented musicians!


3 thoughts on “Grade 6 Debut Concert Accompaniment

  1. Great job helping these young musicians Yumi and it’s a really good post too.
    Let’s get together to complete your service credit.
    Next up , some fun mallet music with the bands.

    Mr. Vest

    • Dear Mr. Vest,

      Thank you again for letting me play with them and I am looking forward to helping out further in the year!



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