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Oct. 20th 2014

For the last few lessons, we have been practicing “The Emerald Falcon” by Richard Meyer. Although it was a little challenging at first, I am getting used to the piece after practicing a lot of times and I really enjoy it. I love the piece as it is powerful and very rhythmic. It sounds as if something grand and big is coming towards you. However after the rhythmic part, there is a part where it is absolutely beautiful as the melody of the solo violin can be heard very clearly. I also love the sound of the double bass which makes the piece deep and profound.  We are also playing “Hunter’s Chorus” by Carl Maria von Weber. It is very straightforward and I have heard the melody a couple times in the past and therefore it is pretty easy to pick up the melody.

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3 thoughts on “Orchestra Music Journal Post

  1. I am very happy to read all your musical comments and the depth you put on them! Congratulations on the excellent job you are doing on “Emerald Falcon” and the rest of the repertoire.

    • Dear Ms. Constantini,

      Thank you so much for your comment! I can’t wait to play the “Emerald Falcon” together with the high school students!

      From Yumi

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