Staple Foods Project

During the last few weeks, we have been studying about staple foods and the impacts of science. I learnt that science has a huge impact on staple foods and I was very surprised to learn some facts including the scale of the pesticides business. In fact, the economy of pesticide production is a 50 billion dollar business. However, there were some difficulties such as finding a beneficial impact of pesticides on the environment as it is not that obvious. Next time, I think I should put more quotes to back up my research.

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7th Grade Sponsored Dance

On Friday, the 7th grade sponsored dance was held in the Black Box, from 6:00p.m.~9:00p.m. In order to help run the dance smoothly and productively, I worked at the entrance booth from 6:00~6:30 by collecting money and checking if the students wore halloween colors. From 6:30~7:00, I worked at the selling booth and sold baked goods and snacks. It was hard concentrating on my duty as the goods looked so good!!! After dancing to great music for about 1 hour, I worked at the selling booth for another 40 minutes, from 8:00~8:40. Also as a 7th grade leader, I helped organize the event and therefore, I think I deserve 3 service points.

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Orchestra Music Journal Post

Oct. 20th 2014

For the last few lessons, we have been practicing “The Emerald Falcon” by Richard Meyer. Although it was a little challenging at first, I am getting used to the piece after practicing a lot of times and I really enjoy it. I love the piece as it is powerful and very rhythmic. It sounds as if something grand and big is coming towards you. However after the rhythmic part, there is a part where it is absolutely beautiful as the melody of the solo violin can be heard very clearly. I also love the sound of the double bass which makes the piece deep and profound.  We are also playing “Hunter’s Chorus” by Carl Maria von Weber. It is very straightforward and I have heard the melody a couple times in the past and therefore it is pretty easy to pick up the melody.

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Thai Kids Fundraising Advisory Bake Sale 1

In order to fundraise money for the education of the Thai Kids, our advisory held a bake sale. For the bake sale, I made ten chocolate chip cupcakes and it took 1 hour to make the cupcakes. I also sold the cupcakes for about 30 minutes, from 8:10~ 8:35. Therefore, I think I earned 1.5 service points in total. I enjoyed the baking of the cupcakes and it was great having fun and helping the Thai Kids at the same time.


Photo Credits: Chocolate Chip Cupcakes via myrecipes

Inquiring and Analyzing Chocolate

In our next design unit, we will be creating a product/ s that is made of chocolate and possibly other ingredients. Other subjects will be integrated with this unit, including math, humanities and science. All profit we gain by the sales will be donated to the Thai Childrens’ Fund Scholarships. As part of our analysis of chocolate, we have to analyze at least 3 pieces of chocolate-related snacks. I chose four snacks which were Chocolate Popcorn, Chocolate potato chips, Chocolate Pocky and Snickers. Below is my analysis of the chocolates.

Chocolate Popcorn 


Inside a cup-shaped container with a flap that makes it easy to open, there are bite-size treats with sweet chocolate coating. As soon as you open the flap, you can’t resist the temptation to pop several in your mouth. Brown chocolate covers the popcorns and a bit of syrup is added to enhance the sweetness and the delicious smell.. As there are approximately 60 pieces, one piece is about 2 yen.  For 138 yen, it was quite tasty and I enjoyed it.

Chocolate Potato Chips


Inside an alluminum package with a very appetizing picture of the chips, salty chips with chocolate topping are waiting to be eaten. As soon as it touches your tongue, it tastes like salty chips but the aftertaste is indiscribable. The contrast of the saltiness and sweetiness makes the chips absolutely delicious. The chips fit perfectly in your mouth and it is very yummy. With a cheap price of 141 yen ( 1 piece- approx. 2 yen), it is good for a quick snack.



It is a dream-come-true for a sweet tooth. It comes in a small package and the gooey texture is totally addictive. Inside the chocolate coating, there is a block of super-sweet and sticky caramel with nuts and peanut butter inside. One bite, and you cannot stop until you eat the whole bar! It is so good and it makes you really hyper! It is 123 yen and it is good for boosting your energy!

Chocolate Pocky


This snack is more for adults. Coated with dark chocolate which is faintly bitter, it is perfect for chocolate-lovers. With the record of the thinnest pocky, it is scrumptious and the smell of chocolate is wonderful. It is 154 yen (1 piece- 3 yen) and the snap you hear when you bite on it is very tempting.