Trading Up Reflection

During the trade up project, we started off with a paperclip and our goal was to trade up to an ideal object with bigger value. The purpose of this long-term project was to experience bartering and trading up. During the first few weeks of trading, it was relatively easy to find someone who wanted to trade with you and get an agreement. However, as more time passed, people became less interested in the project as it was assigned a long time ago. Therefore, it was a little challenging to trade very frequently. Also, some people were forgetful and even though we made an agreement, I had to wait for about a week. Consequently, my trades were sometimes not that consistent.


However, at the end of the project, I was able to make 9 trades and the value of my final product was about ¥15,000. Therefore, I think the project was a great success despite the challenges and the final product was much more valuable than the paperclip I started off with. Below is the chart that shows my trades.

Brown Paper Clip Mr. Chambers (27/08/14)
Blue Paper Clip Traded with Zachary (27/08/14)
3 Big Clips with cute designs Traded with my mother (27/08/14)
Yellow Frixion Highlighter Traded with Sophie (28/08/14)
Triple- color Pen Traded with my father (30/08/14)
Triple-color pen with a mechanical pencil Traded with Young-ah (31/08/14)
Saizeriya Drink Bar Contract Traded with Sophie (1/09/14)
Pencil Case Traded with neighbour (10/09/14)
Antique- Style Compass Traded with Michael (15/09/14)
Dolphin Handmade Venetian Glass OrnamentOwl Handmade Venetian Glass Ornament

Duck Handmade Venetian Glass Ornament

Traded with Nicolas (9/10/14)

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