Trading Up Reflection

During the trade up project, we started off with a paperclip and our goal was to trade up to an ideal object with bigger value. The purpose of this long-term project was to experience bartering and trading up. During the first few weeks of trading, it was relatively easy to find someone who wanted to trade with you and get an agreement. However, as more time passed, people became less interested in the project as it was assigned a long time ago. Therefore, it was a little challenging to trade very frequently. Also, some people were forgetful and even though we made an agreement, I had to wait for about a week. Consequently, my trades were sometimes not that consistent.


However, at the end of the project, I was able to make 9 trades and the value of my final product was about ¥15,000. Therefore, I think the project was a great success despite the challenges and the final product was much more valuable than the paperclip I started off with. Below is the chart that shows my trades.

Brown Paper Clip Mr. Chambers (27/08/14)
Blue Paper Clip Traded with Zachary (27/08/14)
3 Big Clips with cute designs Traded with my mother (27/08/14)
Yellow Frixion Highlighter Traded with Sophie (28/08/14)
Triple- color Pen Traded with my father (30/08/14)
Triple-color pen with a mechanical pencil Traded with Young-ah (31/08/14)
Saizeriya Drink Bar Contract Traded with Sophie (1/09/14)
Pencil Case Traded with neighbour (10/09/14)
Antique- Style Compass Traded with Michael (15/09/14)
Dolphin Handmade Venetian Glass OrnamentOwl Handmade Venetian Glass Ornament

Duck Handmade Venetian Glass Ornament

Traded with Nicolas (9/10/14)

Integer Video- Khan Academy

Why a negative times a negative is a positive

For example, if you have a problem which is 5-3 which you are not sure how to solve, you might go into a thought experiment. You wonder what 5(3+-3) is and you already have an idea of what to do when subtracting or adding negative numbers. Therefore, you solve the problem and get 0. Also, you test out the distributive property on the problem by multiplying 5 on 3 and -3 and you calculate down to the equation 15 +(5•-3). You are not sure how to solve a problem which you have to multiply a postive and negative. However, you know that the answer you get when using the distributive property should be equal to the answer to the equation 5(3+-3). Therefore you can conclude that 15+(5•-3)=0 and you now know that 5•-3 is 15.
You have another problem which is -2 • -6. Next, you wonder what -2•(6+-6) is. Due to the prior problem, you know that the answer to the equation is 0. Once again, you use the distributive policy and get (-2 •6 ) + (-2 • -6). You calculate down to this equation -12+ (-2•-6). You know that the answer to this equation is 0 as it is the same as the answer to the equation -2•(6+-6). Therefore you conclude that -12+(-2•-6) =0 and you now know that -2•-6 is 12.
Now you know why a negative times a negative is a positive.

Design Upcycling Project Evaluation

For my design upcycling project, I created a jewellery box.

unnamed-2 copy


Did my product meet the design specifications? Explain.

My product clearly meets the design specifications, as it is made from upcycled materials. I used a spare, wooden box that was not used and beads and decorations that were left in my drawer. Also, it is very useful as I wanted a stylish container to keep loose stuff in. For example, it will help my room be more organized as I can keep things in the box and it will prevent me from losing things as I know where I put my things. It is also durable as it does not fall apart and break easily. Another design specification was that it should be neat and presentable. I think I succeeded in that as I compared my product with the picture online and I also put great detail in decorating and making it pretty. I also considered the size and my watch and necklace was able to easily fit. It also has more space so I can put other accessories.

unnamed copy


I asked two of my friends and I concluded that it was neatly painted and well- balanced. Also, they said that they can imagine my product being sold at a small shop which I was happy to hear. My mother also said that it was so pretty that she wanted it to put in her room and use it for herself! (Maybe I can give it to her for birthday present 🙂 )

unnamed-3 copy

Was my final product of good quality? Explain why or why not.

I think my final product was of reasonable quality as it met the design specifications and it was how I imagined it would be like. However, during the process of making it, I found out that grout would not work with the beads I used so I changed my plan. Overall, I think my product was well- made.


What new skills did I learn? What do I want to learn more about?

Painting neatly was one of the skills that I learnt. Although smoothing out the surface to make sure there were no bumps was challenging, I think I did pretty well as my friends commented that the painted surface looked nice. Next, I would like to learn how to use grout to create my button bowl.


If I could do this project project again, what would I do differently?

If I had a chance to make my project again, I would use a curved bowl so I can put the buttons and the grout on easily.

How did this project impact me? Did it impact anyone else or the environment?

I think this product greatly impacted myself and the environment, as owing to the jewellery box, I now have a box that I can keep loose stuff in, so I don’t loose stuff easily. Also, I think it impacted the environment as I prevented the waste of unused materials.


Middle School Trips- Green Echo

As a three-day trip, we went to Green Echo this year for the middle school trips. It was very enjoyable and I had a lot of fun. As a way to interact with other grades and people you don’t normally talk with, I think it was very effective and I loved the trip. It was very outdoorsy and we hiked for several hours. Also, we did a lot of activities, including fun outdoor games and more literal activites. The meal was fabulous, although the quantity was a little small. Overall, it was a wonderful trip and I became great friends with my cabin/ group mates and people from other grades. Finally, thank you to all the staff members who contributed to make this trip a reality.

Fun Activities!!

Fun Activities!!



Group Photo :D

Group Photo 😀

All Photo Credits to Ms. Lemley