Criterion A Chapter 1

1) What do you understand well from this chapter? How do you know?

I know that I understand most of the things we did during the last few classes, including PEMDAS, the number system, order of operation, squares + cubes and exponents as I instantly know what do when I see an equation or word problem.

2) What do you still have questions about? What can you do to better understand?

I would like to explore more harder assignment sheets and reduce minor mistakes. I can revise more often before tests and ask more questions if I am not really sure about the assignment or problem.

3) What are you doing to prepare for the test?

Check/ revise previous assignment sheets, look through my notebook and challenge myself on Khan Academy.

4) What score (1~8) do you think you will earn? Why?

I think I will get a 6 or a higher score as I have previous experience in what we did during the last few lessons and also, I concentrated during lessons and payed attention.

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