Net Games Reflection

During the last few weeks, we played Badminton and Pickeball as part of our netgame unit.

❏      What skills and strategies did I succeed in?

When playing badminton, I used my strategy of backing up a few steps beforehand in order to be able to hit it accurately without missing it. Also, I stood in the middle before the game, so I can move both directions quickly.

❏      What skills and strategies did I find difficult?

The drop shot was quite challenging for me as I am used to hitting it strong. In order to improve on it, I should practice with my partner and try to control my force with more effort. I got really frustrated when I missed the birdie when we were about to win.  Next time, I will look carefully at where the net meets the birdie so I do not miss.

❏      What were some of the similarities between the different the net games?

We use rackets and serve to the person on the opposite side.

❏      Were you able to transfer skills from one net game to the other?

The rackets were of similar size and therefore, even though the sport was different, I did not have much trouble when converting from pickleball to badminton.

The MS SBC Sponsored Dance

On Friday, the MS SBC Sponsored Dance was held in the cafeteria, from 6:00 p.m.~9:00 p.m. In order to prepare for the dance, I helped out as a member of the SBC, from 3:30~4:00, 5:00~6:00 and about 2 hours between 6:00~9:00. My partner and I were responsible for the decoration and we made a colorful banner that said, “Welcome too…. The first MS dance of the year!”. It was great fun making the banner as creativity is one of my strong points and I really enjoyed crumpling up the paper to make the border.

During the dance, I also helped out at the entrance, food booth and the table where the boxes were set up. At the entrance, we checked if the students had semi-formal clothing on and we made sure they paid 300 yen if they were wearing casual clothing. Also, we gave out tickets that allowed them to have 2 pizza slices and 1 drink for free. At the food booth, I helped out by giving out the pizza slices and drinks. It was very hectic at the box stand as lots of students came and crowded around to say their names and we had to write down the names very quickly.

Overall, it was a successful dance and I was glad I was part of it. In total, I think I earned 3.5 service points.


Photo credits: Mirai

Helping out at Typing Club

On Thursday, I helped out at the Elementary Typing Club in Ms. Shigeta’s room. I helped the kids type accurately and speedily. I encouraged them to challenge themselves and try to reach their goal. I also challenged myself alongside and tried to make the kids motivated to do their best. It was great fun as they really seemed to enjoy the typing activity and I also like working with little kids. I earned 0.5 service points and I am looking forward to helping out next time.


Photo Credit: Snoopy Typing via


Criterion A Chapter 1

1) What do you understand well from this chapter? How do you know?

I know that I understand most of the things we did during the last few classes, including PEMDAS, the number system, order of operation, squares + cubes and exponents as I instantly know what do when I see an equation or word problem.

2) What do you still have questions about? What can you do to better understand?

I would like to explore more harder assignment sheets and reduce minor mistakes. I can revise more often before tests and ask more questions if I am not really sure about the assignment or problem.

3) What are you doing to prepare for the test?

Check/ revise previous assignment sheets, look through my notebook and challenge myself on Khan Academy.

4) What score (1~8) do you think you will earn? Why?

I think I will get a 6 or a higher score as I have previous experience in what we did during the last few lessons and also, I concentrated during lessons and payed attention.


31 is an activity, in which you get 25 cards and you have to place the cards so that each row (vertically and horizontally) add up to 31 or you have to use the numbers in order, in any equation to get the answer of 31. There should be 5 cards per row. (5 times 5)

We were not able to complete the challenge in the given time although we were very close, not only due to shortage of time but also because we did not really plan beforehand.

A strategy I used during the activity, was to use a variety of mathematical symbols and methods.

The most frustrating thing was when one row worked, the other did not work and we had to replace the cards again.

I used my problem solving skills when I had to figure out what card would work for both rows.