Chapter 1D

An addition or sum is the answer you get when you add two numbers together. On the contrary, when subtracting or finding the difference, you minus a number from another. When we find out the product of two numbesr, we multiply two numbers. When we find out the quotient of two numbers, we divide a number by another. I am not really sure about the three terms dividend, divisor & undefined and I would like to learn more about it.

Service Points 2014~2015

Service Points so far

Removing Bulletin Boards– 2 points

New Student Tech Orientation– 2 points

Typing Club #1 – 0.5 points

Grade 7 Sponsored Dance– 3 points

The MS SBC Sponsored Dance– 5 points

Thai Kids Fundraising Bake Sale 1– 1.5 points

Thai Kids Fundraising Bake Sale 2– 3

Thai Kids Fundraising Bake Sale 3– 1

Tech Team Semester 1 – 6

SBC Semester 1– 34

Grade 6 Debut Concert Accompaniment– 5.5

Google Summit– 20

Kibou no Mori 1 – 4

Food & Fun Fair– 1

Kibou no Mori 2– 4

SBC Semester 2 – 12

Eco Club Semester 2 – 8 (excluding Kibou no Mori)

Tech Team Semester 2– 15

Total points so far- 127.5

Removing Bulletin Boards

During the last few days of school, I helped out by removing the paper, posters and staples on the bulletin boards around the school for a total of 1.5 hours. It was painstaking as taking all of the paper which was stapled on the board needed a lot of effort and there were a lot of staples and taking them out one by one was quite tiring. However, as I worked with several other people, it was fun chatting with them and also working together as we finished faster. Overall, I deserve 1.5 service points.


Math Chapter 1B & C

During math, we had a group discussion about some basic key words used in math. When estimating, we guess the number based on the facts and knowledge you already have. When finding out the approximate answer, you normally round up/ off or find the significant figure.

Chapter 1-A

1. Numerals- a name or symbol that represents a number.

2. Digits- an element of a number

3. Counting Numbers- counting numbers

4. Natural number- whole numbers used for counting

5. Infinite- going on forever

6. Zero- zero

7. Whole numbers- a number that is not negative and  is not a fraction.

8. 10 Digits- ten digits

9. Place Values- value of a digit

New Student Tech Orientation

Today, the New Student Tech Orientation took place in the library from 11:45~1:45. As a member of the tech team, I welcomed the new students and parents and helped them feel easy and at home. Although I was a little nervous, it felt great to welcome new members of the CA community and be able to get friendly with students who were going to be in my grade.

During the orientation, I guided the students by telling them how to open up their e-mails, set up their blog, bookmark important pages etc. While guiding them and talking to them, I used my own experience as a new student last year and made sure that they understood the process as I was taught by the tech leaders last year.

Also, as an act of service, I think I earned two service points. Helping out at the orientation was very exciting and I cannot wait to take part in similar activities in the future! Finally, thank you Ms. Lemley and I am looking forward to helping out as a tech leader soon.

I'm standing in the far right!  (photo credits to Ms. Shigeta)

I’m standing in the far right side!
(photo credits to Ms. Shigeta)