HS Spring Instrumental Concert

On April 18th (Fri.), the HS Spring Instrumental Concert was held and the HS Orchestra, Symphonic Winds/ Jazz Ensemble and the concert band performed several pieces.  I was able to play “Bacchanale” with the HS orchestra and it was a great privilige for me to be able to perform in the concert. Although it took a lot of effort and time, it really payed off and the performance was a great success! I really loved the piece as it was very energetic and powerful. As part of the ‘special guests’, Mr. Cook (french horn), a few MS students and Mr. Shirai (violin) played as well. When I first saw Mr. Shirai during rehearsal, I was wondering why he felt awfully similar. I was thinking to myself until I realized who he was. He was the cashier! I was so surprised that I almost fell off my chair! His wife, Mrs. Shirai played the harpsichord during the Allegro of Brandenburg Concerto No.3 (abridged) by Johann S. Bach. I also loved the piece “Nimrod” by Edward Elgar arranged  by M. Bender. It was a beautiful piece and the melody was very soothing.

HS Orchestra & 'Special Guests' playing Bacchanale

HS Orchestra & ‘Special Guests’ playing Bacchanale

Ms. Shirai playing the harpsichord

Ms. Shirai playing the harpsichord

My favourite piece which was played by the Jazz Ensemble was “Beyond The Sea” as I had heard it a lot of times and it was really jazzy! I also loved “Walkin’ the Dawg“. It was a really cool piece and I felt like dancing around!! Mr. O’Kane played the Electric Bass and he made the piece much more jazzier and it was very enjoyable!

Walkin' The Dawg

Walkin’ The Dawg

Finally to wrap up the concert, the HS orchestra played “Andromeda” which was absolutely wonderful. Andromeda is a name of a constellation and the piece reminded me of the wide universe.



Owing to Ms. Constantini and Mr. Vest and of course the musicians, it was a great success and congratulations to the seniors! I really think being able to play with HS orchestra was a great opportunity and again, I would like to thank Ms. Constantini. Thank you so much!!!

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