Band Concert Bake Sale

On December 5th, there was a band concert and before, after the concert and during the mission, Mr. Smailes and other students held a bake sale. For the bake sale, I made jam cream cakes and I worked for approximately 2 hours. In order to make the cream, it took 30 minutes as I had to use the mixer, put ice in it, put the ingredients in and make it just right. Also in order to make the sponge cake, it took around 50 minutes to make the soft, fluffy sponge cake. After that, it took 20 minutes to put strawberry jam and the cream on the cakes neatly. Packaging, sticking stickers and decorating it took 20 minutes, therefore in total I worked for approximately 2 hours to make the jam cream cake for the bake sale. Also after the concert, I worked for about 20 minutes, selling the goods and packing up. Therefore in total, I worked for 2 hours and 20 minutes during the Bake Sale.

Making goods was a great way to raise money for the Thai Kids and it felt really good to know that we had helped a lot of students go to school.


2 thoughts on “Band Concert Bake Sale

  1. Hi Yumi,

    Thank you for your support. Although it might seem like jam cakes couldn’t really change lives– they did! With your help, we were able to put many children through school that normally wouldn’t have been able to attend. Thank you!

    And, the jam cakes were delicious!

    Mr. Smailes
    2.5 service points

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