Formative Dance Assessment

Team Members: Unnati, Jayson & Zachary

How long is your video? 42 seconds

What are your successes?

  • 1. We included the clawing moves as the sacred animal that represents the government of Charamba is the snow leopard.
  • 2. We have different types of moves.
  • 3.  There were some places that the people on the outer side had different moves than the people in the inner side.
  • 4. We danced at different levels.

What do you need to improve?

  • 1. We should be more synchronized.
  • 2. We should always be prepared for the next move.
  • 3. Everyone should make big moves.
  • 4. We should be more confident and be all together.

Briefly list your costumes and props.

Girls will wear light green or turqoise shirts with shorts. Boys will wear dark green shirts and jeans.

Click here to see the video!

2 thoughts on “Formative Dance Assessment

    • Dear Mr. Wilson,

      I checked if I could access the video from the link. However, the video only seems to work on google. I do not know why it only works on google. If possible, can you please tell me what I might have done wrong? 😀


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