Unit 4 Ski Trip Science Group Presentation- Why a Ski Trip?

For our Ski Trip Science Unit, we learnt about all of the science related to the ski trip. For example, we learnt about how Kinetic Energy and Potential Energy was related to skiing. During the ski trip, we experienced and observed a lot of science.  When we went to the top of the mountain to see the Zao snow monsters, we observed the evidence of deposition. Deposition is the process of changing from a gas to solid without melting into liquid. In contrast, Sublimation is the process of a solid turning into gas without turning into liquid. In the case of the snow monsters, the ice (blocks of frozen snow) turned into gas without melting into liquid (water).


Videos about Potential and Kinetic Energy

Kinetic Energy

Potential Energy 

Potential and Kinetic Energy

My ski team members and I made a powerpoint about the ski trip and the science related to it. I hope you will know how enjoyable and educational the ski trip was!!

Click here to look at the powerpoint

Valentines Design Challenge

Today, I made a Valentines card by sticking cute heart corn-starch cushion foam on red card paper. I stuck some fairy stickers on and put it between the traditional Hina dolls. The Hina dolls were bought by my grandparents when my mother was born. Guess how old the dolls are?…. Oh, it’s supposed to be a secret! Ha ha!



Grade 6 Debut Concert

On February 3rd (Monday), there was the very first Grade 6 Debut Concert. As well as the orchestra members, the band members played several pieces. For most of us, it was the very first public performance. I was extremely excited and I think it was a great privilege to be able to play 1st violin for the wonderful and well-known piece “Minuet BWV. Anh.114” by J.S. Bach.

I was very happy to see the delighted faces of the audience and although I was a little nervous, I was extremely glad that we did well. For the final piece which wrapped up the orchestra performance, we played a fun song called “Bile’em Cabbage Down”. During the piece, the musicians weaved percussion inside the melody and it sounded absolutely wonderful! When the band members and some parents joined in with the clapping I felt very excited and happy and so I think that piece was a great way to end the orchestra performance.

The band members also played wonderful music and it was really nice to listen to the wind instruments. Below the pictures, there are two links to the videos of the Debut Concert. The first link leads you to the video of the Orchestra playing  “Minuet BWV. Anh.114” by J.S. Bach. The second link leads you to the video of the Orchestra playing “Bile’em Cabbage Down”.

Owing to Ms. Constantini and Mr. Vest, I think it was a great success. I was really surprised as when the special arrangements for other instruments including the cello and double bass which Ms. Constantini composed was added, the Minuet sounded a lot different and extremely beautiful. At practice when the PEMs first played together with the musicians who played the arrangements, I almost shouted out with joy as it sounded ever so nice. Thank you so much Ms. Constantini and Mr. Vest!!!! And finally, I hope you enjoy the videos!!

Screen Shot 2014-02-05 at 8.07.37 PM

The Orchestra Members

https://www.dropbox.com/s/rvblc5gipn4my92/00019.MTS– “Minuet BWV. Anh.114”

https://www.dropbox.com/s/30bokbo9fc6xvrr/00021.MTS– “Bile’em Cabbage Down”

Screen Shot 2014-02-05 at 8.15.23 PM

The Band Members

https://www.dropbox.com/s/je6joxo4okgexe6/00014.MTS– Band Music

La Escuela del Océano- The Ocean School!!!

The first semester I improved dramatically not only on my speaking skills, but I also improved on my writing and reading comprehension skills. During the first semester, we learnt about nationalities and how to say the name of countries. During the topic, conjugating the verbs was very challenging. For example when the verb is conjugated, “Yo soy” which means I am turns into “El es” which means he is.

2014-02-04 12.08.58 copy

My “La Escuela del Oceaño” Poster!!!

At the end of the semester, we had a project in which we had to make a poster or pamphlet about our imaginary school. Our school slogan was “La Escuela del Oceaño”. We made an unique schedule for our school and also we made an image of our school. As we were used to saying subject names in spanish by then, it was not too challenging to the poster. Making the poster was a lot of fun and I thoroughly enjoyed it. 

¡Países alrededor del mundo!- Countries Around the World!!

Para el primer proyecto en español, hemos aprendido cómo decir el nombre de los países y nacionalidades. Hicimos carteles sobre los países y por debajo es la imagen de póster.

Creo que me fue muy bien en el cartel y fue muy interesante ver cómo los nombres de los países vieron y parecían muy diferentes en inglés.


For the very first project in Spanish, we learnt how to say the name of countries and nationalities. We made posters about the countries and below is the picture of my poster.

2014-02-04 10.47.20

I think I did very well on the poster and it was very interesting to see how the names of the countries looked and seemed very different than in English.