Basketball Layup Reflection

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1) Lay-up fundamentals for doing well on a layup

·      1) approach from an angle

·      2) use the backboard

·      3) take 2 steps

·      4) shoot from the chest

·      5) finish past the basket

·      6) right arm and right knee go up together

·      7) finger roll or lay it in/up


2) Reflection:


In the first attempt, the ball succeeded in going through the hoop. I approached from an angle and used the backboard. I also shot from my chest and I finished past the backboard. When I lifted my right arm, I also lifted my right leg. However, I did not do the finger roll and only took one step. I think I also dribbled the ball too high. Therefore, I missed a few fundamentals. However, I think it was good.

In the second attempt, the ball failed in going through the hoop. Unlike the first attempt, I took two steps. Although I used the backboard I shot from the front rather than an angle. I shot from a little above my chest and I finished past the backboard. Like the first attempt, I also lifted my right leg when lifting up my right arm. I think I should definitely work on my finger roll skills as I was not able to do a finger roll in both attempts. I think I also dribbled too high in the second attempt. However, I think I did well in the other fundamentals.

Basketball was a great unit and I am looking forward to doing dance after the health session.

2 thoughts on “Basketball Layup Reflection

  1. Hi Yumi, you earned an 8 out of 10 for your basketball lay-up performance.

    Positives: You used the backboard, shot from the chest/shoulder and approached from an angle

    Things to work on:Take 2 steps every time and finish past the basket.

    Mr. Wilson

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