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For our design project, we made a PSA (Public Service Announcement) poster. We had to focus on the basic principles of design- Alignment, Contrast and Repetition. The PSA poster was about encouraging positive behaviour in the local community.

The poster had to be an attractive, graphically pleasing poster remembering that giving credit for any artwork or image which is not ours is very important. Also, it had to contain a strong, focused message. I had to carry an impact on the readers and at the same time, be short and easy to understand. Lastly it had to be effective in a Japanese environment because most members of the community do not speak English.

Below is the PSA poster I made:

Screen Shot 2014-01-16 at 6.33.16 PM

I think my PSA poster will be effective in the community as it is short and clear with pictures that support my message. In order to improve my PSA poster, I think I should make my poster stand out more so it is recognisable anywhere. Although it was challenging to include all of the elements in my artwork, I think it was very enjoyable being creative and  thinking of ways to encourage CA students to act appropriately in the community.


2 thoughts on “PSA Poster

  1. Your two images work really well together, Yumi. It is very clear what you want people to do, just by looking at the pictures. Nice.

    Ms Durkin

    • Dear Ms. Durkin,

      Thank you very much for your feedback! I am really glad it has a strong, clear message and again, thank you very much!

      Yumi Muramoto

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