MS & HS Vocal String Concert

On the 29th of November (2013), there was an Orchestra Concert in which the Middle School Orchestra as well as the High School Orchestra, played a lot of pieces. A few of the 6th grade students, including me were able to play at the concert as special guests. I was really, really honoured to be able to play at the concert and the pieces I played with the MS Orchestra were “The Sword Dance” arranged by Bob Phillips and “Brandenburg Concerto No.2 (1st Mov.- abridged) by J.S. Bach.

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I was also able to play the accompaniment for the choir and the piece I accompanied is “Hey Ho, Nobody’s Home” arranged by G. Gilpin. I was really happy to be able to accompany the choir and although my heart was beating fast, I was able to play it without hesitating.

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Owing to Ms. Constantini and Mr. McHugh, it was a great success and although I was nervous I think it was a wonderful night.

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  1. It was fantastic that you could perform along with MS students, dear Yumi. You are not only a solid performer, both with the piano and the violin, but also your optimism and character add to your overall musicianship! Congratulations.

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