Basketball Layup Reflection

Click here to see my basketball layup

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1) Lay-up fundamentals for doing well on a layup

·      1) approach from an angle

·      2) use the backboard

·      3) take 2 steps

·      4) shoot from the chest

·      5) finish past the basket

·      6) right arm and right knee go up together

·      7) finger roll or lay it in/up


2) Reflection:


In the first attempt, the ball succeeded in going through the hoop. I approached from an angle and used the backboard. I also shot from my chest and I finished past the backboard. When I lifted my right arm, I also lifted my right leg. However, I did not do the finger roll and only took one step. I think I also dribbled the ball too high. Therefore, I missed a few fundamentals. However, I think it was good.

In the second attempt, the ball failed in going through the hoop. Unlike the first attempt, I took two steps. Although I used the backboard I shot from the front rather than an angle. I shot from a little above my chest and I finished past the backboard. Like the first attempt, I also lifted my right leg when lifting up my right arm. I think I should definitely work on my finger roll skills as I was not able to do a finger roll in both attempts. I think I also dribbled too high in the second attempt. However, I think I did well in the other fundamentals.

Basketball was a great unit and I am looking forward to doing dance after the health session.

Indigenous Cultures Unit

For our Indigenous Cultures Unit I researched on the tribe, the Micronesians.

Below is the link to my powerpoint about the Micronesians.

Below is the link to my paper about the Micronesians:

Cultures can be influenced dramatically in many ways. However, the cultures are mainly influenced by visitors and tourists from all around the world. Also imports from another countries greatly influence the dietary culture of the locals as foreign food might be imported. It can also influence beliefs and the clothing and appearance of the locals.  For example during the ancient times, the Micronesians believed in Polytheism, which is the belief in more than one deity. However, Christians brought the Christian belief into the islands. Currently, Micronesia celebrates Christian rituals as well as traditional rituals. Although the Micronesians still use stone money called Raay or Feaq, they use US dollars when buying things without not much value, such as clothing and food. 


The environment also influences the culture of the Micronesians. For example, the islands are surrounded by the sea and so sea food plays a big role in the dietary culture of the Micronesians. The fact that they are surrounded by the sea also affects the belief of the Micronesians. The Micronesians believe in spirits and pray to them for safe  voyages out on the ocean, success in fishing etc. They also believe in creatures under sea. As you can see, foreign influences are very powerful on culture. However, the culture will be preserved and maintained by the people of the Micronesian Islands.

Finally, I think I did quite well on my powerpoint presentation. I think I had a clear, loud voice. My powerpoint was also visually attractive and was very effective. I also think my essay was pretty good as I had a lot of pictures that support my text and I think it was very informative.


How to Divide Fractions

In order to be able to divide fractions, you will have to follow the process below. For example, if the equation you want to find out the answer to is:

    \[ \frac{5}{9}\div\frac{1}{3} \]

Dividing fractions is very easy if you know how to multiply fractions as it is the exact same as multiplying by the reciprocal.

Here is how to do so:

1. First, flip the second fraction so the denominator is 1 and the numerator is 3. It will look like this:

    \[ \frac{5}{9}\div\frac{3}{1} \]

2. Next, change the ÷ to x. It will be like this:

    \[ \frac{5}{9}\times\frac{3}{1} \]

3. If you already know how to multiply fractions, the last step is very easy.

    \[ \frac{5}{9}\times\frac{3}{1} \]

4. However, before multiplying to find out the answer to the equation you have to make sure to simplify the numbers. In order to do so, you have to divide 9 by 3 as 9 is divisible by 3. Therefore, 9 will be 3 and 3 will be 1. It will be like the equation below:

    \[ \frac{5}{3}\times\frac{1}{1} \]

5. The answer to the equation will be:

    \[ \frac{5}{3}\times\frac{1}{1}=\frac{5}{3} \]

6. As the answer is an improper fraction, you have to convert it to a mixed number. The answer is:

    \[ 1\frac{2}{3} \]


PSA Poster

For our design project, we made a PSA (Public Service Announcement) poster. We had to focus on the basic principles of design- Alignment, Contrast and Repetition. The PSA poster was about encouraging positive behaviour in the local community.

The poster had to be an attractive, graphically pleasing poster remembering that giving credit for any artwork or image which is not ours is very important. Also, it had to contain a strong, focused message. I had to carry an impact on the readers and at the same time, be short and easy to understand. Lastly it had to be effective in a Japanese environment because most members of the community do not speak English.

Below is the PSA poster I made:

Screen Shot 2014-01-16 at 6.33.16 PM

I think my PSA poster will be effective in the community as it is short and clear with pictures that support my message. In order to improve my PSA poster, I think I should make my poster stand out more so it is recognisable anywhere. Although it was challenging to include all of the elements in my artwork, I think it was very enjoyable being creative and  thinking of ways to encourage CA students to act appropriately in the community.


MS & HS Vocal String Concert

On the 29th of November (2013), there was an Orchestra Concert in which the Middle School Orchestra as well as the High School Orchestra, played a lot of pieces. A few of the 6th grade students, including me were able to play at the concert as special guests. I was really, really honoured to be able to play at the concert and the pieces I played with the MS Orchestra were “The Sword Dance” arranged by Bob Phillips and “Brandenburg Concerto No.2 (1st Mov.- abridged) by J.S. Bach.

Screen Shot 2014-01-07 at 8.39.15 PM

I was also able to play the accompaniment for the choir and the piece I accompanied is “Hey Ho, Nobody’s Home” arranged by G. Gilpin. I was really happy to be able to accompany the choir and although my heart was beating fast, I was able to play it without hesitating.

Screen Shot 2014-01-07 at 8.05.28 PM

Owing to Ms. Constantini and Mr. McHugh, it was a great success and although I was nervous I think it was a wonderful night.