English Narrative Assignment

For our English Narrative Assignment, we wrote a narrative about one of the options. A narrative about a time when we had a fight with our friend, a time when we felt in a specific way, the stupidest thing we had ever done, the worst/ best thing that ever happened in your life etc. I chose to write about ‘The time when I felt really grateful’. I think I had a clear exposition, rising action, climax and resolution in my narrative. However in order to improve it, I think I should make it more descriptive and express my feelings with more description.

The narrative I wrote:

The time I felt really grateful

A broad grin on my face, clutching my school bag. Heart beating… I was excited. In fact, I was terribly excited. The very first day of middle school for me and also the first day of study at CA, it was just extremely exciting. It is a wonder how I didn’t blow up! I had been told, that I had to go to advisory before classes started. Determined not to be late, I climbed up the long staircase, up to the third floor. With no guidance I was a little scared. I looked around in the hallway, searching for the right advisory. I had no idea where my advisory was. Bewildered and unsure what to do, I wondered about for a few minutes.

Suddenly, I heard a friendly voice from the back. Without hesitating, I looked back and an older girl stood there smiling. Just then, she was an angel. It was if all of a sudden, an angel appeared right in front of my eyes. She asked, “Hello, what’s wrong?”. A little relieved, I said I was lost and I had to go to my advisory. First of all, she asked me who my advisor was and I told her I was supposed to go to Ms. Sugiyama’s advisory. Ever so kindly, she went into her own advisory, asked where Ms. Sugiyama’s advisory was, and actually took me upstairs and to my advisory! I was terribly, terribly grateful. I thanked her a lot of times and told my advisor what happened. It surprised me that even though it was the first time meeting her, she was very nice to me and helped me get to my classroom in time. Well actually, I was the first person to get to advisory! The girl and I became friends from that day on and we sometimes say hello to each other. I learned that when you are in trouble, there is always someone who will help you. I was just very grateful.


Service Points 2013~2014

Hours of service for this year

Centennial Bulletin Board– 8 points

Thai Kids Fundrasing Bake Sale– 3 points

MS School Concert Helpout– 0.5points

Band Concert Bake Sale– 2.5points

Lunch Duty-3 points

HS Spring Instrumental Concert Bake Sale– 1 point

Tohoku Kick N’ Jam– 7.5 points

MS Instrumental Spring Concert Bake Sale– 1 point

International Kids Day– 5 points

Tohoku Team– 6 points

Total Points for this year- 37.5 points

Inspired by Famous Artwork

I produced an artwork based on Edgar Degas’ style. Below is the picture of my artwork. My artwork is based on the artwork “The Star” by Edgar Degas.

2013-12-02 13.33.49

A Short Biography of Edgar Degas

Full Name: Hilaire Germain Edgar Degas

Born: July 19th, 1834

Died: September 27th, 1917

Nickname: Painter of Dancers

Occupation: Painter, Sculptor

Style: Impressionism

Place of Birth & Death: Paris, France

Some of his most famous artworks are “The Star”, “The Dance Class”, “Dance Class at the Opera”, “Two Dancers on a Stage”, and “Ballet Rehearsal”. Edgar Degas uses a lot of pastel in his artworks. However, he also uses acrylic. The identification of the artwork “The Star” is figurative and impressionism. He used curvy lines in “The Star” and used colours such as chestnut brown, white, orange, grey, black etc. He also used perspective and put a smooth texture in the artwork. He also puts a light atmosphere to the artwork, due to the careful choosing of colours. He also observes carefully at the ballerina’s movements and tries to express the specific movements of the ballerinas.