Awaji Fall Trip

During the fall trip, I went to Awaji with many others. The teachers that came with us were Ms.Schatzky, Ms.Nishizawa, Mr.Chambers, Mr.Vest and Ms.Sugiyama. Unfortunately, Mr.Condon was not able to join us. However, he greeted us back at the main entrance with a smile when we came back from the trip.

During the three days, we did lots of activities such as visiting the earthquake museum and Naruto Big Whirlpools, watching Umi Hotaru and making Senko. We also did mochi pounding, udon making, visiting a school and the kind. Due to the rough weather, we were not able to swim in the sea. However, we had a wonderful time looking at plays and having a walk in the pine forest near the beach.

I really enjoyed it and it was a fantastic time for me.

Math 6

The past few weeks, we have been studying about squared numbers, cubed numbers and the kind. Also, we had lots of fun participating in the mangahigh ‘faito’ competition. Luckily and due to our effort, we won the competition and became first in the school rank. I am really looking forward to participating in the math competition in November.

Line and Texture Design for Art

For the summative assessment, I made a line texture design/collage. The challenging part of making it was thinking of the balance, because I had to make sure that one side wasn’t too heavy.

The other part was where I had to cut the parts and pasting it. Sometimes I had to redo it. Also, I tried to reuse the materials. Some parts of the paper when I cut out the petals of the cherry blossoms were left, so I used it to make some more flowers.

Although it took a lot of time and concentration, I enjoyed it a lot.

2013-09-24 14.27.36

My Golf Swing

For the first few weeks, we had golf as our main sport. The challenging parts of golf were where we had to think carefully about our every move. First of all, we had to grip the club correctly- that was the most important thing of all. How you held the club affected your swing. You also had to think about your position- your feet had to be straight and positioned firmly on the ground. Next, we swung back the club till our arms were straight, then we brung back the club and hit the ball. We also learnt Mr.Wilson’s ten golf commandments. It is very disappointing that we will be ending the gold session so soon, but I am very excited about the next sport, softball.


Click on the links below to see Yumi’s golf swing

Yumi’s golf swing 1

Yumi’s golf swing 2


Helping Centennial Bulletin Board

1. Yesterday, we chose the group leader and assistant and we also determined which group works on which theme. I decided to join the ‘World Team’.  In the Grade Six team of the ‘World Team’,  there are three members so far.

2. We put the background paper on and we are collecting data which we will put on the board.