Google Summit 2017 Service

On February the fourth and fifth, I had the opportunity to do service for the Google Summit held for students this year. Unlike the previous two years, this google summit was held for kids and not adults. The activities, sessions, and lectures were very different. However, the shifts were similar, and those included taking photos from the green screen photo booth, take photos and videos of as many kids as possible, and making a video for show at the end. I believe that the google summit has always been a great experience, and this year was even greater. As the sessions were for kids around my age, I could learn a few things from them as well as everything taught was not very complex. One of the sessions I was given the opportunity to attend was the editing session, in which we were taught different applications available online for editing, as well as what kinds of techniques would make the final product as high quality as possible. As I mentioned already, google summit has given me endless opportunities to know more about the world of technology. The service itself has helped me familiarize with people from different ages, especially because this time’s summit was of different grades of students, and also with different tools of technology and how they are used to benefit people. If this were to be held next year as well, I would love to participate once again.

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  1.   Ms Clark Says:

    Thanks for this reflection, Jiho! The teachers that have worked hard to plan the summit will definitely benefit from this perspective as we begin to plan for next year. High five!

  2.   MrT Says:

    Thanks for this reflection and for your hard work! It’s great to see that you’ve enjoyed taking part as you’ve been volunteering. We’re looking forward to next year. Thank-you!

  3.   Kern Kelley Says:

    Jiho, it was terrific having you there at the Student Summit! I was so impressed with you and the other student tech helpers. As role models for use of technology as well as learning new things. I hope to see more of the work you are doing online!

  4.   Elizabeth Durkin Says:

    Thanks for cheerfully giving up your weekend to be part of this even, Jiho. I am glad you enjoyed it. I enjoyed reading your blog post and your thoughts regarding the difference between the two google events.

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