16 Sep 2015

Still Images

Author: 19zaveso | Filed under: Drama, Grade 9

This unit we had to create three still images based off a song. We used levels, poses and facial expressions in order to show the audience our keywords.

We made the more powerful people stand on blocks and to symbolize their symbolize their power and made the powerless characters lie on the floor or stay generally low. We used poses as well as facial expressions to show our audience our keywords. Most of our poses and facial expressions were symbolic. One aspect of this performance was our transitions. Our transitions were mostly fluid and looked natural instead of forced. The first keyword we tried to express was mission. It is evident that Johanna was holding an item of some value and everyone else’s mission was to try to get the valuable object. I personally feel that this is the weakest still image out of the three since it is not really clear what we are doing. The second still image is very clear, it is me attacking Adarsh and Pritika because Johanna is ordering me to. I have already killed Sage and he is rising up to heaven. I have the facial expression of determination on my face while Adarsh and Pritika look scared. The keyword for this still image was fighting. We still could have made it better if all of us were fighting since the audience was confused if this was fighting or control or power. The next still image is our strongest one. The keyword was bravery. Adarsh decides to stand up against Sage while me and Johanna are scared and are protected by Pritika. The expression on my face reads that I am scared. If we were not so rushed, I think we may have done a better job since we could have thought of better ideas. Our postures and ideas for a scene were not adequate is what I perceive it as.


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  1. Mr Burgess Says:

    Great evaluation of your movement piece Sohan: you have justified many of your artistic choices and also included ideas that didn’t work – though a little more detail about why not would be useful. Good job!

  2. Elizabeth Durkin Says:

    Hi Sohan
    This is really interesting. I think your transitions were great, and once I read the blog post, the video made a lot of sense. The lighting and the music matched the movement nicely. I agree that the bravery pose was the most clear.
    Keep posting work like this – it is a great read!
    Ms Durkin

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