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For the past few weeks in art we have been working on drawing still objects and learning how to draw and give your drawigs a field of depth. We also used different materials to draw. One of the materials I’m talking about is charcle. It is like a crayon only it makes stronger lines and the texture is much different. The new things I learned in art were things such as negative space when shading. Negative space is the space outside of the objects. These are the shades that show us the shape and tell us that the object is there. Before I started this year, I only shaded the fruits and under where it makes the shade. But I never shaded the negative space. I think that putting in the negative space is what sets my this years drawings apart from last year, past drawings.

A turning point in this year so far while drawing was when we first started doing contour. This is when we just draw the outside line of the object(s). This was a tunring point for be because I noticed by doing this, it was so much easier and efficient to draw the shaped of every object.

The drawing that I am most proud of that I have drew so far is the last one with the bucket as well as the fruits and the cloth. I am most proud of this drawing because I thought that it was the one I was able to show the shading well the most. The cloth was very difficult to draw but I am still proud of how I was able to draw the bucket with the right shadings. unnamed-2






What I think I need more improvement on is drawing with bold lines. I think this because when I am drawing, I always draw with really thin lines and it ends up not visible when I take a photo. Which means I always have to draw over the lines many times again.


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  1. Hi Aya,

    It sounds as if you have learned a lot in Art class in the first part of the year. The idea of negative space is an interesting one, eh. I love the picture you included – really nicely done.

    Great job!

    Ms Durkin

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