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Art – progress

From the past 2 or so weeks, I’ve learnt new words, concepts, and materials. Such as: Contour, value, form, conte, and more. Some of the new things I’ve never heard of/seen were negative space and the new materials we’ve used.


IMG_5470(this was a rough draft i swear)




( From the top – my first drawing to the recent)
The differences that I’ve noticed in my drawings are: better proportion and more use of the smudging/rubbing technique. I was able to make this difference because of learning about negative space and just getting used to using charcoal for the first time. I also think I’ve captured the concept of value and the form.



I’m most proud of my negative space drawing. Since I’m more used to drawing what’s really there and not the air, so after I was done with the drawing, I thought it looked interesting and new. The drawing shows my understanding of negative space and proportion.


I also do like my collage artwork since I think I’ve captured the proportion right, and creatively used the concept of “Alice and the wonderland”. While creating this, I’ve kept a color scheme in mind and tryied to show the shapes “shades” with different colors. To be more precise, the bottom of the peach is rather brown since the object actually looked like that. The pear has a yellow – greenish tone since it was greener on the bottom, yellower on the top. I took me a while to complete this artwork but I did have fun with it.

I’d like to improve capturing the proportion right more accurate by just simply practicing.


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  1. Hi Hina

    I really enjoyed looking at your art work and reading about what you have learned along the way. I am glad you feel proud of your progress – you should, your work is very good, and shows development. I enjoyed reading about how you made the pear and the peach – it must have been quite hard to find the right colours for them.
    I look forward to seeing more drawings and art work that you create in the future.

    Ms Durkin

    Tuesday, October 6, 2015 at 8:58 pm | Permalink

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