Reflecting on Movement Sequence


This sequence was evolved from the song Knights of Cydonia. Our group listened to the song and thought of words that corresponded to the song. We then had to choose 3 words. Our words were alien, battle, and hero. We then had to turn our words into still images. Our still images then had to have transitions, which turned into this.

We had to also have a meaning behind each “scene.” The galaxy scene was supposed to be diversity, battle was the suffering happening now, and hero is supposed to be people trying to help the suffering.

We tried to find a good lighting to match the scene. The way the light was positioned, it had everything dark, yet you could see the face of Uday on the third/hero scene, sort of like a light in darkness. I don’t think we chose good colors for the lights, since it didn’t seem to match the mood well (at least in my opinion). The transition from one still image to another was created with the thought of trying to process this into one whole story. The story in question is:

One person does not like diversity (which is a word link to galaxy, AKA the first still image). He then goes and causes havoc to have everything the same (2nd scene). He then fails and a “hero” tries to pull everyone back into a happy, diverse, life (3rd scene).

Because of that, we tried to link the three seemingly random scenes into a story that made sense with the transitions. Because of that, the transitions didn’t seem smooth since our group percieved it as a story link.

The images in question were pretty good. We made use of levels and depth to try to convey the message. Whether the message was conveyed well is in the hands of the audience, we merely tried to convey it as best as we can.

  • Mr Burgess says:

    Ahmad, this reflection is great because you have talked about specific moments in your piece and given justification for your choices. Good work!

  • Hi Ahmad,
    I enjoyed watching your drama video, especially after reading the blog post. Very interesting idea – I thought the lighting, music and movement went very well together to create the right mood.
    I look forward to seeing more posts displaying your drama projects in the future. This is a very cool way to get more audience for your class work.
    Ms Durking

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