Rhapsody in Blue Tokyo Remix

For the Honor the Creator unit, I have decided to create a remix video collaborating videos of Tokyo with the famous Rhapsody in Blue. The videos of Tokyo that were in my remix video were taken from YouTube and all of the videos were CreativeComma videos. Furthermore the Rhapsody in Blue was a CreativeComma audio, with the public domain originally set for 75 years in the United States, but has been extended to 95 years which is till 2019. However not all of the countries around the world have a public domain for the Rhapsody in Blue and here is a link to prove that public domain is not set for all countries Evidence for Rhapsody in Blue. Seeing that this unit is about honoring the creators, I had to somehow give credits to the creators. Therefore I had put a slide at the end of my video honoring the creators of the videos I had used to collaborate in my remix video.

Here is my remix video

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