The Experience 

On October 20th I went with my art class to an art museum called the Kobe Biennale. In this museum there was various types of art pieces such as calligraphy, paintings, and sculptures. All of the artwork was displayed in tents, and we went to five in total. At first I thought I would not be able to understand anything since I assumed the descriptions would all be in Japanese. However we were able to find many pieces with English explanations, which made everything all the more interesting. I found the calligraphy and paintings most fascinating. It was truly inspiring to see how so many artists had different interpretations and created something completely unique.  I also had a lot of fun being with my friends.


Visual Analysis

The title of the two pieces is “Gone with the wind,” and the artist is Sara Sasson. She has applied her knowledge of traditional calligraphy, and presented it in a unique interpretation. The big idea is to be free and open to various possibilities. This is seen from the irregular strokes and how there is no clear kanji that can be found. The fact that Sara Sasson has taken a type of artwork that is typically associated as being very technical and difficult, and shown her own unique interpretation makes it so inspiring. When I saw her piece I was very pleasantly surprised and confused, because of how unique the piece was and tried to figure out why this was done. To improve the pieces I would have drawn them on a same scale rather than different ones.



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  1. Hi Saakhi,

    Yes, it was a great visit, eh. I really enjoyed the variety of art at the exhibition. The piece you chose to write about does stand out, I agree. I agree with you that I would also prefer the frames and sizes/dimensions to be the same.

    I am glad you blogged about this trip – it is certainly worth letting other people know about it.

    Ms Durkin

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