1st Week (September 18th-24th)

September 18th:

This day, I sat down with Mrs.Durkin to have a talk about my whole personal project and officially starting it up.  Today we sat down and had a chat about all the different sorts of ideas and what I needed to focus my goal on for this personal project.  After the meeting with Mrs.Durkin, tons of ideas flowed through my mind.

September 19th:

Officially started creating a logo with both the agreement with Wheejoon also known as my business partner.  Started a website to promote our company/business.

Screen Shot 2015-09-30 at 00.11.32












September 20th:

Had a 1 hour conversation with my mom about what kind of Korean Foods are the most effective in this community:

  • Korean Traditional Noodles
  • Kimbab
  • Fast Food (Korean- DokkBoki, O-Deng, etc…)

September 22nd:

Researched about business and how it is ran:

Week Summary:

This week was mainly focused on researching and I still plan on to do so on the second week, gaining a better understanding about how a business flows and how to have a stable business with very few resources.