10th Grade Goals

Academic: The academic goal for 10th grade is to achieve a 6 for English and Social Studies. This requires deep skills in analyzing different types of writings and finding key concepts.

Learning Attitudes: My learning attitudes goal for 10th grade is to be more “active” in classes. This includes asking many questions and trying my best to be a better student.

Extracurricular: My extracurricular goals for 10th grade is to be involved in sports and APAC event for at least once. I am planning on joining badminton and APAC band.

Community Service: My extracurricular goal for 10th grade is to be actively involved in service activities to achieve more than 30 service points. I am planning on joining HS CAMP, and doing service activities for Food and Fun Fair and International Kids’ Day.

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  1.   Elizabeth Durkin on October 6th, 2015          Reply

    Nice to read about your goals, Kyu-Hueok. These are great. I am impressed that you are going to be involved in CAMP mentorship – that is a very good service for the younger kids, and you will learn a lot from it too. I look forward to seeing you work hard throughout the year to meet these goals. All the best,
    Ms Durkin

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